Statements & Press Releases

Below are Statements made by and about SJP throughout it’s history:

The call from Palestinian civil society for Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions against Israel to be sustained until the three demands are met.

A statement issued from Hampshire SJP in the wake of the Gaza Massacre. The statement discusses Hampshire College and other Institutions’ complicity in this massacre through their investment in companies that profit from the occupation.

This statement was written by SJP when we first began demanding that Hampshire divest. SJP asked that Hampshire College divest from the companies which profit from the occupation, and that the college also issue this statement.

SJP’s collection of signatures including 723 students, 10 staff, 27 faculty, 18 alumni and 1 former Hampshire Presidents of those who endorsed Hampshire’s divestment from the companies which support the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

An article written in the climax discussing Students for Justice in Palestine’s work “with the college’s administration and trustees to publicly divest its endowment of corporations that benefit from Israel’s military occupation and apartheid regime.”

The press release written by SJP immediately in the wake of Hampshire College’s divestment. This was written before the administration tried to claim that the divestment was unrelated to the Occupation.

A letter to the Hampshire Community written by SJP that was released in the packet Divestment: What Really Happened (which can be found on our Divestment Archive Page). This letter explains the administrations attempts to distance itself from making a “political statement” after divestment.

SJP’s Response to the administration’ s “Clarifying Statements” (issued by the president and the chair of the board of trustees). Further discusses the post-divestment conflicts, and includes a chronology of events including SJP’s more-than-a-year long push for divestment that preceded Hampshire College’s pull-out from the State Street mutual fund.

A statement from SJP in response to Alan Derschowitz’s and Ralph Hexter’s letters which discussed the possibility of Hampshire College reinvesting in Motorola and Terex, who both make money supporting the Occupation of Palestine.  This statement includes information about in which ways exactly these two companies profit from the military occupation.

This letter to the community was sent by Marlene Gerber Fried as she was Acting President of Hampshire College. It concerns a number of  “recent incidents where students have been subjected to physical, verbal, and written harassment because of their political views in support of the state of Israel”. This letter was sent to every student in the community thru the hampshire webmail.

This letter was SJP’s response to the president’s letter. In this letter, SJP acknowledges that personal attacks are not appropriate or part of “any sort of vision of social justice that we strive to realize”. But the letter also stresses the important distinction between Zionism and support for Israel as a political stance against Judaism as a cultural and religious identity.

A letter from SJP written after the disruption of a talk by IDF soldier Benjamin Anthony who was paid to speak at Hampshire College on 02/03/11.  This letter was written in response to another all-community email by Marlene Gerber Fried which did not respect the full context of the event.

A statement from SJP meant to outline some of the history of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine.


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