Palestine 101- From Our Eyes

Tuesday February 21st in Franklin Patterson Hall, East Lecture  Hall!

Come to a panel presentation about: the history of Palestine and Israel; the current situation for on the ground in Palestine and Israel; and what Palestinians and Israelis are doing to challenge the ongoing violence.

The panel presenters are Jenna, alex, and Lyla.
Jenna traveled with a delegation of Palestinian Americans visiting many different places and people within Palestine and Israel. Her trip primarily focused on the complex economic and political situation in Palestine as well as connecting Palestinians in the Diaspora to the land their families were expelled from.
Lyla and Alex both traveled on separate occasions with a delegation that visited many different Palestinian and Israeli organizations that work to support the Palestinian struggle for self-determination.

We will begin with a brief history of the land and people and go on to talk about our own experiences as a way to share some of the specifics of what is happening on the ground today. Subjects we will cover are; examples of the diversity and range of Palestinian resistance on the ground, the formation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its impact on Palestinian society, refugee camps, and restrictions on movement.

The nature of a 101 event is that we will not be able to offer all the information and perspectives there are on this subject but instead hope to inspire you to continue to self-educate yourself about this history and struggle.

We will end the panel with plenty of time for discussion and questions. We hope to foster a safe environment where people are welcome to ask any questions.



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