HC Resources

This page is to help learn about organizing on Hampshire college campus. We have compiled some resources that are necessary for organizing on campus.

On Campus Resources:

  • CLA Office– It is in the Dakin House and is open from 9:00 to 4:30 M-F. The CLA (campus leadership and activities) is a great place to get in-persyn support and direction when trying to organize any event or trip with your student group. This is also were you can find event registration forums, reinbursment for funding forms and purchase order forms.
  • FiCOM-FiComm meets Tuesday and Thursday from 6:oopm-7:oopm in the back of the air port lounge (APL). This is a good place to go if you are having trouble with funding and confused about how to go about it. The meetings are always open, and after going three times in a row you become a voting member. It is highly recommended that some one in your group become a voting member!
  • COCA -COCA meets Tuesday and Thursday from 7:oopm-8:00pm. COCA is where all event funding decisions are made and works by a similar meeting policy as FiComm. It is also recommend you have some one from you group on COCA, but be prepared for “Roberts Rules of Order.”
  • House Offices-All of the different house offices are staffed through out the school week and have people who can answer a lot of questions about event organizing as well as offer extra funding to an event if you are low on COCA/FiComm funding.
  • Lebron-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center-Behind the COLE science building this is a great place to host events and meeting after checking in with the staff who help run it. The cultural center was created in 1989 do to students organizing demanding specific space for students of under represented cultures and ethnicities (SOURCE). The cultural center is an important physical location representing both the power of student organizing on campus and the realities of current disparities of representation on campus. The center often hosts events and activities dealing with issues of race, cultural and ethnicity on campus.
  • Center for Feminism (AKA womyns center)– This is a safe space on campus for female bodied folks and their feminist allies. There is a good space for holding meetings and events. The center for feminism is also similar to the cultural center in its creation and is also often hosting events about sexuality and and gender.
  • Office of the President– Where take overs begin… And when on good terms a good place to ask for extra funding for events or trips.  You can also schedule meetings with the president to discuss campaigns you may be working on.
  • Faculty! Remember to meet with professors often. Professors are key for keeping a group sustaining through turnover and challenges. At hampshire college we are lucky to have so many fantastic dedicated professors to learn from both in the class room and out.

On campus services:

  • Duplications-Duplications is on the ground floor of the library. You can get there a few ways:1) taking the elevator in the library to the floor “g” and taking a left, 2)Using the stars in the back of the library, or going through the school store on the ground floor. Use duplications to print fliers or handouts. You can email or bring in on a USB, but make sure its in the right formate. If you are a student group use the group ID number to pay which can be found on the hampedia page in the box on the right. Remember that duplications can take a few days to complete a project sometimes.
  • Media Service Media services is on the first floor of the library on the right. It is open from 9:00 to 4:30 most week days. Media services is really great and helpful. Rent sound, audio or film equipment for events you are hosting! Just go in and talk to them.
  • School Vans– If you are planning a trip you should be sure to rent out school vans very early in advance, because there are only two. You must have a defensive driver to drive the van. To become a defensive driver take a class at the RCC and make sure to fill out all the forms. Every group should try to have at least one defensive driver.

Campus Internet tools:

  • Hampedia– A place to host both persynal and group information. Share when you meet, and where. Put up information about the campaign you are working on, have discussions etc. Also helpful when looking up information about hampshire college.
  • FiCOM Zoho– Where “signers” of groups go to request funding for meetings, equiptment, trips, media, etc. Give your group some space and request as early as possible.
  • COCA Zoho– Where to go to request funding for an event. Make sure to do it at least 14 days before the event.
  • Student Group Signer Manual– a whole lot more detailed information that what is provided above.
  • Student activities archive– Look at the history of student organizing on campus! A really important document***
  • Hampshire Listserv’s– sign up for different group’s email list, or start your own (though we recommend you use riseup.net for lists)

Five College Resources:

  • Five College Funds– tricky to get access to but if you organize early enough in advance with other campuses its possible, so we hear…
  • check out the wonderful spaces at the other schools!
  • collaborate with the student groups from the other campuses!
  • Bring faculty from the other campuses to speak at hampshire

Community Resources:

  • Collective Copies– A worker run co-op in down town amherst. If duplications aint treating you right go support Collective Copies!
  • Food for Thought Books– A worker run co-op that sells amazing books! They also are open to hosting radical events! Host in-town meetings on their comfy couches!

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